We Monogram Your Item! Raleigh Drop Off and Pick Up

Please describe the item to be monogrammed
Letters in the order you want them, typically First/Last/Middle Initials
Please specify any details about monogram placement

We hear You!  After so many requests for monogramming customers' items we are ready to go!

Here's how it works:

1.  Place your order here (provide as much detail as you can regarding monogram placement)

2.  Mark your item with a safety pin, pinned where you want the center of your monogram to be (this is very important, and this is exactly where your monogram will be)

3. Place your item(s) in a bag and include a note with your Name, phone number, and e-mail address

4. Drop it off at our shop 5858 Farringdon Dr, Raleigh, NC, 27609 (Do not send anything here, we DO NOT receive mail at this address) There is a small foyer once you open the door and there will be a shelf for "drop-offs" and a shelf for "pick-ups"  The door to the foyer will be open 7am-3pm.  We do not keep regular shop hours, this is a "self service" procedure.

5. We will e-mail you when your item is ready for pick-up.  Our turn time is usually just a few days, but can run longer during the holidays.

6.  On VERY rare occasions a machine malfunction can damage an item.  If this happens, the maximum we will reimburse for an item is $20.