8th Grade Graduation Gifts for Her

8th Grade Graduation Gifts for Her

Middle school isn't always a breeze to get through.  We go from carefree kids to diving head first into the transition to adulthood.  She made it through the ups and downs, good days and bad days and now high school is dead ahead.  But before ushering in the adventures of high school there's a graduation ceremony and everyone needs some good ideas for 8th grade graduation gifts for her.

1.  Monogram Quarter Zip

8th Grade Graduation Gifts for Her

First up we have a wardrobe staple for Spring or Fall.  It's great for cool early summer evenings, checking in on her classmates baseball games, or sitting outside working on all those problems on social media.  The sweatshirts themselves are heavy 8oz fleece with a quarter zip on the front.  It's available with any initials and you can pick the thread color and pattern of the fabric inside the letters.  It's a cute and preppy gift idea that's personalized but still functional.  High reward with low risk!

2.   Pink Bluetooth Headphones

You've probably noticed that headphones are cool again.  If you haven't noticed you might be living under a rock and in that case we might be neighbors.  Hey, neighbor!  These Mpow Bluetooth headphones are actually my favorite in this price range.  My daughter has this exact pair and she loves them.  Now if I could only get her to hear my when she has them on we'd be onto something special.  At $39.99 at the time this was written they are affordable but still produced high quality sound.  They are large enough to fit over her ears for comfort but not so big that she feels like she's wearing a helmet.

3.  Rhodium Plated Drop Earrings

Jewelry gifts can be tricky.  If it's for a family member you might have a better idea of what she likes in jewelry but even if this is the case their tastes and preferences change rapidly at this age.  Cheep jewelry often looks, well, cheep.  Expensive jewelry can get very pricey very quickly and is she going to like it?  Even if she does can she wear it without being worried about it getting lost or broken the whole time?  I like these Sterling Silver drop earrings as a nice compromise.  They look great and the CZ stones really shine.  They're classy and elegant while still being affordable enough to not have to worry about them.  Maybe she can even wear them to her 8th grade graduation ceremony.

4.   Sofa Sack Foam Lounger

Ok, so I have a somewhat selfish reason for including this one in my list of 8th grade graduation gifts for her. I have one of these chairs and I absolutely love it.  This particular one is 6' wide which seems a little big but if you've ever tried to sit in a small bean bag or foam chair you'll understand why bigger is better here.  I always give it about a 3/4 turn before sitting it it to fluff it up a little then it forms to my body perfectly.  Just be sure you're in the position you want to be in before falling asleep.  We can't be held responsible for a sore neck when you or your daughter wake up.  ;)  If she doesn't like this gift idea for her I'm pretty sure you will.

5.  Monogram Door Hanger

Monogram Door Hanger

This monogram door hanger is a simple gift idea for your daughter or friend.  It's laser cut from wood and can be made with any initials.  It comes unfinished so you can paint it or stain it however you want.  Add glitter or designs, make it glow in the dark, or have her baby brother cover it in finger paint and cereal for a very personal touch.  It's called a door hanger so it could be hung on her bedroom door but it can just as easily be placed on a wall, dresser, or shelf.  It's a simple idea but there isn't much downside to this decor piece.

She's probably going to be having some more graduations in the future but leaving middle school behind is an event worth recognizing for sure.  These are a few of my favorite ideas for 8th grade graduation gifts for her.  I hope something here will at least give you an idea for what to get your daughter, niece, or family friend for their special day.  A couple of the links above are affiliate links.  There is no additional cost to you but I will earn a commission if you choose to make a purchase through one of those links.